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TurtleSkin Work Gloves: Superior Cut and Puncture Protection

3 May 2018

TurtleSkin Gloves are designed to provide superior cut and puncture resistance, protecting your hands against sharp threats, such as needles, knives, glass fragments, metal shards and wire. This is achieved through the use of a tightly-woven, high-strength material that has been developed specifically to resistant puncture by even the sharpest objects. These versatile gloves can be used for an array of manual tasks, and are ideal as under-gloves to ensure maximum protection for high-risk applications involving chemicals, biological hazards or critical waste. If there's any doubt in your mind as to whether TurtleSkin Work Gloves are the right choice for you, read on to find out what makes these gloves truly exceptional.

The TurtleSkin Advantage

TurtleSkin Gloves are manufactured from patented TurtleSkin fabric, a material fabricated from tightly-woven aramid fibres. In fact, TurtleSkin fabric boasts the world's tightest weave, which enables it to be lightweight, breathable, flexible and almost impenetrable – all at the same time. This revolutionary material has been used to produce body armour, yacht sails, bicycle tyres, and was even incorporated into the design of NASA's Mars landing vehicle. 

Superior Safety

While remarkably thin, TurtleSkin Safety Gloves offer nearly five times the cut resistance of standard aramid lined gloves, and over 25 times that of standard leather gloves. To ensure that the gloves are impenetrable, they are tested for their resistance to puncture by a hypodermic needle, as well as tested under European standard EN 388 for their resistance to abrasion, cut, tear and puncture.

In addition to being highly resistant to cut and puncture, TurtleSkin Gloves are also extremely affordable and can be reused time and time again. In fact, most TurtleSkin Gloves can be machine washed to keep them clean and fresh.

Our Pick of the Best TurtleSkin Gloves

While the entire TurtleSkin range offers exceptional hand protection tailored for various applications, here are three of our favourite TurtleSkin Gloves, available from

TurtleSkin CP Insider 530 Needle-Resistant Work Gloves

TurtleSkin CP Insider 530 Needle-Resistant Work GlovesOffering more than 700g of hypodermic needle resistance, the TurtleSkin CP Insider 530 Needle-Resistant Work Gloves protect against many high-risk threats, including blades, broken glass and sharp metal. When tested to European Standard EN 388:2003 to determine their specific resistance to mechanical hazards, the TurtleSkin 530 Gloves achieved outstanding results, including the highest rating possible for cut resistance. Thanks to their extra-thin construction and excellent flexibility, these gloves are ideal as under-gloves, and can be worn comfortably underneath disposable gloves for a comprehensive safety solution.

Key Features: EN 388 Level 5 Cut Resistance, thin and breathable, excellent dexterity, machine washable.

TurtleSkin Utility Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

TurtleSkin Ultility Cut-Resistant Work GlovesThe TurtleSkin Utility Cut-Resistant Work Gloves combine leather and TurtleSkin fabric to provide exceptional protection against abrasion, cut and puncture, along with high levels of grip, dexterity and tactile sensitivity. As a result, these gloves are ideal for security and tactical applications, including custodial and prison services, law enforcement and military personnel. 

Key Features: EN 388 Level 4 Cut Resistance, lightweight and breathable, adjustable velcro closure for a secure fit, machine washable for good hygiene.

TurtleSkin Work Wear Plus Leather Work Gloves

TurtleSkin Work Wear Plus Leather Work GlovesLike the TurtleSkin Utility Gloves, the TurtleSkin Work Wear Plus Leather Work Gloves have been designed for dexterity, grip and tactile sensitivity. These gloves feature a stretchy back-of-the-hand, which ensures excellent flexibility for precise handling and reduced hand fatigue with extended wear. Although these gloves achieve a lower rating for resistance to mechanical hazards (according to EN 388 testing methods), the TurtleSkin Work Wear Plus Gloves are suitable for a broad range of manual applications.

Key Features: Stretchy back-of-the-hand, lightweight and breathable, adjustable velcro closure for a secure fit.

If you're interested in seeing more of these brilliant safety gloves, why not view our entire range of TurtleSkin Work Gloves?