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Best Animal Handling Work Gloves

29 March 2018

Working with animals can be a rewarding experience, but handling animals also poses risks of injury. Whether you nurture domestic pets in a veterinary clinic or you control police or search-and-rescue dogs in unpredictable situations, wearing the right pair of gloves will help to protect you from harm.

Depending on the type of animals you work with and the nature of the situations, certain gloves will be more protective for you than others. Here at, we have a wide selection of work gloves ideal for animal handlers, and to make finding the perfect pair easier for you we've selected some or our favourites. 

Great for Vets: Shield GD10 Powder-Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Shield GD10 GlovesDisposable gloves are ideal for wearing in veterinary clinics. Not only do they protect hands while working with pets, but they also help to prevent cross-contamination between visitors by ensuring that each animal can be looked after with a fresh pair of gloves. The Shield GD10 Powder-Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves provide the excellent sensitivity required during examinations of cats, dogs, and rabbits, while also being easy to don in emergency situations. Both powder-free and latex-free, they reduce risks of dust contamination and allergic reaction, perfect for when caring for sick pets, whether rabbit, guinea pig, or goldfish!


Key features: Excellent sensitivity and improved feel; ambidextrous design for quicker donning; beaded cuff for improved strength; powder-free and latex-free for safer wear.

Cat handling gloves

Great for Wildlife Work: Typhan XP1 Level E Cut-Resistant Gloves

Typhan XP1 Level E Cut-Resistant GlovesWhen working with wildlife, whether in a nature reserve, at a zoo, or in a park, protective clothing should be reliable and robust enough to protect against threats from as many animals as possible. With the Typhan XP1 Level E Cut-Resistant Gloves, hands can be sufficiently protected without compromise to performance. Combining superior cut resistance with excellent dexterity and superb grip in both wet and dry conditions, they can allow for safer and more efficient handling of animals. They are also sanitised, providing the improved longevity and hygiene that is paramount when feeding, caring for, and working with a multitude of animals.


Key features: xcellent protection against cuts; increased dexterity with superb wet and dry grip; sanitised for improved longevity and hygiene.

Great for Rescue Work: HexArmor EXT Rescue 4013 First Response Extrication Gloves

HexArmor EXT Rescue 4013 GlovesThe HexArmr EXT Rescue 4013 First Response Extrication Gloves have been designed to protect hands when working in emergency and rapid response situations. This makes them ideal for police method-of-entry work, during which tasks police dogs may be present. Although the HexArmr EXT Rescue Gloves will not provide suitable protection when faced with dog attacks, they will provide emergency response and police dog handlers with the ideal impact protection when attending incident scenes, keeping hands safe from general risks as well as ensuring handlers can maintain a suitable grip on police dogs without excessive strain to the hands.


Key features: Exceptional cut resistance; anti-debris cuff style; high visibility for low-light situations; back-of-hand impact protection for shock reduction.

Great for Agriculture: HexArmor Hercules 400R6E Heavy Duty Cut Resistant Gloves

HexArmor Hercules 500R6E Gloves

As working with animals can take place both indoors and outside, finding the right pair of gloves to cater to virtually any situation can seem tough. However, the HexArmor Hercules 400R6E Heavy Duty Cut Resistant Gloves will provide exceptional protection against a wide range of threats to ensure hands are as safe as possible without hindering handling ability while working with sheep, cows, and horses. As they provide quality resistance against abrasions and cuts, they are ideal for wearing outdoors where animals may be among thorny bushes or coarse branches. They also feature a gauntlet-style cuff for additional protection for the entire hand and wrist, and allow for improved grip in both wet and dry conditions, allowing tasks to be performed whatever the weather.


Key features: Protection for the whole hand and wrist; quality resistance against cuts, abrasions, and punctures; improved wet and dry grip with silicone palm surface.

Dog handling gloves

Great for Bat Handling: Supertouch 21123 Elite Rigger Gloves

Supertouch 21123 Bat Handling GlovesSometimes general animal handling gloves will not provide the precise protection required when handling certain animals. The Supertouch 21123 Elite Rigger Gloves are ideal for handling bats, providing good resistance against abrasions, tears, and punctures. They are constructed from durable split leather, and feature a fleece palm liner for added comfort. With a reinforced index finger for extra protection, they provide effective hand protection while tending to bats.



Key features: High-quality split leather construction; reinforced index finger for extra protection; AZO-free for added safety and reduced irritation; rubberised safety cuff for a tight fit.

Do any of these gloves fit the bill for you? If you're still unsure about which animal handling gloves are for you, view our animal handling gloves category to see the full range!