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9 December 2022
EN 511 Explained

Cold working conditions can quickly lead to your hands becoming cold, making you more unsafe, uncomfortable and less productive. EN 511 Gloves are a fantastic way to keep hands warm. Learn about EN 511 with this guide.

2 Comments7 December 2022
EN 455 Explained

EN Standards can be confusing at the best of times. When purchasing Work Gloves to be used for medical purposes, there's nothing more important than EN 455.

6 December 2022
EN 407 Explained

If you're working with high temperatures, you need a pair of gloves that can keep you safe. Our EN 407 Explained guide tells you everything that you need to know about heat resistant gloves.

2 May 2018
Your Guide to Gloves Categories

When purchasing hand protection, it's of vital importance that you get the right level of protection for your specific application. Work gloves, like all personal protective equipment, are governed by the three European PPE categories, which indicate the general level of protection a glove will provide. Your Guide to Gloves Categories is designed to fill you in on what each of these categories means, so read on to find out more!

12 March 2018
EN 374 Explained

Chemicals are among the most dangerous substances that are dealt with in the workplace. Luckily, gloves that boast chemical protection undergo a rigorous set of tests before they can call themselves chemically resistant. You have EN 374 to thank for this. All you need to do when purchasing one of our Chemical Resistant Work Gloves is to take a look at how the glove upholds to EN 374 – 2 and 3 for a full lowdown on their reaction to solvents, alkalines, ketones, alcohols and more. Before you go diving in, though, check out this easy to read guide to make sure you choose the right gloves for the job. 

20 February 2018  |  Eugene
EN 1186 Explained

Glove regulations are often put in place to protect workers, but when it comes to food, EN 1186 is there to ensure the end product is clean, safe and healthy for consumption. Regulations can sometimes be confusing, so we've compiled a short guide where we lay out the basics of EN 1186 in plain English.

7 February 2018
EN 388 Explained

If you've been looking for gloves that protect you from cuts and tears, you might have been confronted by unexplained gobbledegook on each and every website you visited. Before you fall down the rabbit hole of hyperlinks and become even more confused, take a look at our blog. We explain the European EN 388 standard in chunks that are easy to understand.