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Best Washing Up Gloves 2024

18 January 2024  |  Eugene

When it's your turn to do the washing up, anything that makes the job easier and gets you out of the kitchen faster is a must. Most of us know that rubber or latex-free gloves provide the best way to get the job done, but not all gloves are created equal. Some gloves don't protect your hands from the harsh chemicals you use in the kitchen, while others do little to lessen the pain of submerging your hands in hot water. Some other gloves make it difficult to pick up small pieces of cutlery, and can do more harm than good for your washing up routine.

Best washing up gloves
The right gloves make cleaning easier, safer and more comfortable

Luckily, at, we're experts on all sorts of gloves, and we can help guide you toward that perfect pair of gloves that will satisfy all your kitchen cleaning demands. We've selected five pairs of gloves that we love for their prowess in the kitchen and around the home, providing you with all the protection, dexterity and comfort to make your chores as easy and efficient as possible. Read on, and decide which pair is right for you.

Shield GR01 Flock Lined Household Rubber Gloves

Polyco Deep Sink 62 Extra Long Rubber GlovesWhen you're really getting stuck in to some dish cleaning, you can't be worried about hot water and slippery soap getting in the way of your rhythm. The Polyco Deep Sink 62 Extra Long Rubber Gloves are our very favourite for household cleaning tasks, providing plenty of forearm coverage and including a slip-resistant pattern on the palm that keeps your grip on dishes, sponges or any household cleaning items

Key Features: Perfect length for dish cleaning with an extra-long cuff for deep sinks.

Ejendals Tegera 8180 PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 8180 PVC Chemical Resistant GlovesSometimes work in the kitchen and around the house puts you in contact with more than just common washing up liquid, as bleaches and other harsh chemicals may be needed to get the job done. The Ejendals Tegera 8180 PVC Chemical Resistant Gloves protect your hands from an array of chemicals, protecting you from almost any chemical household work will involve. A diamond grip pattern ensures you keep your grip in soapy water, while a flock-lined interior facilitates donning and reduced perspiration during long cleaning sessions.

Key features: Protection from virtually any chemical including highly corrosive acids, diamond grip pattern for a strong hold on objects.

Black Mamba Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Black Mamba Tough Disposable Nitrile GlovesToughness and reliability aren't always associated with disposable gloves, which is why this next pair of gloves is so remarkable. The Black Mamba Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves provide powerful chemical protection, as well as strong tear and puncture resistance to ensure they stay working until the job is done. Ideal for cleaning applications that involve tough chemicals, these gloves can be thrown away when used to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, ensuring harsh chemicals don't linger in your home longer than they need to.

Key features: Tough and reliable disposable gloves, strong chemical, puncture and tear resistance, grip rite finish for extra gripping power.

Ansell Neotop 29-500 Medium-Duty Chemical Resistant Flexible Gauntlets

Ansell Neotop 29-500 Medium-Duty Chemical Resistant Flexible Gauntlets

Chemicals don't only damage your skin when they come in contact with your hands, so for some cleaning jobs you'll need strong forearm protection as well. The Ansell Neotop 29-500 Medium-Duty Chemical Resistant Flexible Gauntlets offer an excellent combination of fine dexterity and protection, helping to guard the majority of your forearms as well as your hands. Exceptionally flexible, these gloves will protect your hands against acids, caustics, alcohols and solvents, and include a cotton liner to enhance comfort and ease of application.

Key features: Gauntlet cuff provides protection for your forearms and hands, super flexible design allows fine dexterity for intricate cleaning jobs.

Are you looking for something different, or a specific glove that wasn't on our list? We stock a wide range of gloves that are perfect to protect your hands and make washing up simple, from all sorts of trusted brands. To view our entire range of gloves for washing up, take a look at our Washing-Up Gloves category.