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Best Sterile Gloves

13 April 2018  |  Admin

Examination gloves prevent the spread of disease between patients and caregivers, and are therefore essential for a broad range of applications in the healthcare industry, including examination, surgery, routine patient care and hygiene practices. While non-sterile disposable gloves provide adequate protection for most clinical applications, sterile gloves are required for high-risk functions, including surgery, radiological procedures and the preparation of Total Parenteral Nutrition and chemotherapeutic agents.

Sterile examination gloves are necessary for surgical procedures

These days, sterile examination gloves are manufactured from an array of different materials and come in various styles, making it tough to decide on the best gloves for the job. In order to help you with this important decision, we've created this list of our Top Five Sterile Gloves, so read on for our recommendations.

Top Five Sterile Gloves

Hand Safe GS690 Blue Sterile Nitrile Examination Gloves

Hand Safe GS690 Blue Sterile Nitrile Examination GlovesThe Hand Safe GS690 Blue Sterile Nitrile Examination Gloves are powder-free, nitrile examination gloves with an ambidextrous design for easy donning and greater versatility. The textured surface of these gloves makes them ideal for applications that require good grip and precision. For additional safety, the blue colour of these gloves enables easy detection of any punctures or holes once the gloves are on.

Key Features: Textured surface for improved grip, ambidextrous design and beaded cuff for easy donning, unpowdered and latex-free.

Healthline GSSYN Sterile Surgical Polyisoprene GlovesHealthline GSSYN Sterile Surgical Polyisoprene Gloves

Featuring an ergonomic, hand-specific design with curved fingers, the Healthline GSSYN Sterile Surgical Polyisoprene Gloves provide good comfort. This, combined with a micro-textured surface that promotes grip and a longer cuff that shields the forearms, makes the GSSYN Sterile Surgical Gloves ideal for long surgical procedures.

Key Features: Ergonomic design to prevent hand fatigue, powder-free, latex-free.

Biotex Plus GSBIO Sterile Latex Gloves

Biotex Plus GSBIO Sterile Latex GlovesThe Biotex Plus GSBIO Sterile Latex Gloves use advanced latex technology in order to provide exceptional flexibility, pliability and strength for comfortable, reliable protection during long procedures. These sterile gloves feature an ergonomic shape with curved fingers to further enhanced comfort and prevent hand fatigue, and are micro-textured to improve grip. 

Key Features: Strong and flexible formulation, ultra-fine micro-texturing for improved grip, ergonomic design and advanced formula for enhanced comfort.

If you haven't found the right glove in this list, why not check out our full range of disposable examination gloves here?