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Best Scaffolding Gloves

1 CommentThursday, 21 June 2018

As anyone who works in building and construction will tell you, scaffolding poses many risks. Some of the risks come from the height that you are working at, while others come from the sharp materials you will carry, and others from the impact of rough and heavy objects that you may be sharing your work space with. For these reasons it's crucial that you select the correct scaffolding work glove.

Scaffolding Workers Face Many Different Threats
Scaffolding workers face many different risks, so choosing the correct glove is key

That's why we've curated this list of our Best Scaffolding Gloves, taking into account factors such as dexterity, mechanical protection and affordability. The gloves we have chosen are some of the best in scaffolding protection, providing an answer to questions of dexterity, rough and sharp materials and preventing serious and painful injuries. So dive right in, and browse our top scaffolding picks.

Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK

Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves for ScaffoldingA top choice among our scaffolding gloves is the Portwest Black PU Palm Gloves A120BK, designed to offer breathability, comfort, mechanical protection and grip. Everything you'd want when working on scaffolding is supplied with these gloves, including enough flexibility to make tactile and precision handling easy. Furthermore, excellent abrasion resistance means the gloves are durable and long-lasting, meaning that despite handling rough and coarse materials all day, the gloves will continue to stand up to the job.

Key Features: Offers exceptional comfort and breathability; PU palm coat ensures high grip; impressive dexterity ideal for handling.

MCR Safety GP1004NO Uncoated Cotton Light Handling Gloves

MCR Safety GP1004NO Gloves for ScaffoldingWhen handling materials high up on scaffolding, dexterity is key, and that is the focus of the MCR Safety GP1004NO Uncoated Cotton Light Handling Gloves. Comfortable, breathable and lightweight, the MCR Safety Gloves offer total sensitivity, meaning that the user has total control over everything that they are handling. Furthermore, because of their strong all-round protection, they ensure that all day light handling tasks will be made easy, without damage to the gloves themselves.

Key Features: Cotton lining ensures total flexibility; lightweight design ensures safe and secure general handling; breathability keeps hands cool during extended use.

Polyco Matrix Red L Work Gloves MRL

Polyco Matrix Red L Work Gloves for ScaffoldingThe Polyco Matrix Red L Work Gloves MRL are designed specifically for applications such as scaffolding. As a result they are designed to excel indoors and outdoors, and in wet and dry conditions. They offer excellent all-round mechanical protection, and even offer grip in light oil conditions. Extra comfort is ensured by their seamless design, while their sensitive, crinkle-latex grip makes them a top pick among scaffolding gloves.

Key Features: Crinkle latex grip aids dexterity; suitable for use in dry, wet and oily conditions; impressive longevity thanks to high abrasion resistance.

Premium Leather USCCFKL Rigger Handling Gloves with Yellow Drill Backing

Premium Leather USCCFKL Rigger Handling Gloves for ScaffoldingWith exceptional tear resistance, the Premium Leather USCCFKL Rigger Handling Gloves with Yellow Drill Backing promise to prevent the snagging and tearing of gloves when they come into contact with rough and coarse materials. When working on scaffolding the last thing you need is a damaged glove, and high abrasion, tear and puncture resistance means that the Rigger Handling Gloves offer exceptional longevity. Complete with protective leather on the fingers, fingertips and knuckles, these surprisingly dexterous gloves promise long-lasting safety and comfort. 

Key Features: Superior cotton and leather offer high mechanical protection; offer the maximum level 4 tear resistance; extra protection on fingers, fingertips and knuckles.

Ejendals Tegera 295 Thermal Waterproof Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 295 Thermal Gloves for ScaffoldingCold weather can pose a threat to scaffolders, which is why we've chosen to include the Ejendals Tegera 295 Thermal Waterproof Work Gloves in this list. Offering impressive grip, dexterity and unparalleled warmth is easily enough to keep you warm on the work site.

What makes these gloves so impressive is that they use a material called Thinsulate, a lining designed to combine dexterity and sensitivity with outstanding cold resistance. Suitable for use in conditions as low as -30°C, these are the gloves for cold weather scaffolding jobs.

Key Features: Thinsulate material provides warmth and dexterity; excellent all-round mechanical protection ensures safety; protects hands in temperatures as low as -30°C.

TraffiGlove TG5170 Nitric Cut Level 5 Gloves

TraffiGlove TG5170 Nitric Cut Level 5 GlovesLightweight, flexible and extremely durable, protective and grippy, the TraffiGlove TG5170 Nitric Cut Level 5 Gloves are perfect for scaffolding. Their fantastic dexterity combined with grip allows you to handle items without them dropping.

This gives you the confidence to handle items without worry that you'll drop them, as the rough, coarse palm material helps you rather than hinders you. On the protective side, these gloves offer an EN 388 score that couldn't be higher (4544), ensuring that you can handle sharp and coarse items without damage to your hands.

Key Features: Offer exceptional abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance; fantastic grip for handling items.

Have you found the glove for you? If not, don't forget to have a browse of our wide range of Scaffolding Work Gloves, where you can narrow down your search to find the perfect glove for you. If you have anything to add or would like to ask a question, please either leave a comment below, or call us on 020 7501 0597 where one of our team will be delighted to help.

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