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Best Rubber Gloves

12 April 2018

Exceptionally practical and versatile, rubber gloves can be used for virtually any task at hand, from household cleaning to lab work, but it's important to find the right glove for the specific application you have in mind. Latex, nitrile, polyurethane, PVC, and dozens of other materials are all classified as rubber, so finding the right pair for your needs can be a tedious task.

Rubber Gloves in Use

Luckily, here at we know gloves like the back of our hand, and we're always happy to help you out. We've put together a list of recommendations that can save you some time when looking for the right pair of gloves to protect your hands from chemicals and other hazardous liquids.

Polyco Jet Black Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves 52

Polyco Jet Black Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves 52Versatility and toughness are primary concerns for rubber gloves, as they can be used for a wide array of tasks, and a tear can be costly when dealing with chemicals. The Polyco Jet Black Heavy Duty Chemical Resistant Gloves are some of our most popular for good reason, as they feature high tear and abrasion resistance to keep them intact during tough jobs. Boasting a high level of resistance to an array of chemicals, these gloves are great for everything from DIY and cleaning to professional applications with chemical exposure like dyeing or local authority work.

Key Features: Extra-strong with textured grip; resistance to chemicals, tear and abrasion


Polyco Matrix Household Gloves 14-MAT/15-MAT

Polyco Matrix Household Gloves 14-MAT/15-MATThe Polyco Matrix Household Gloves 14-MAT/15-MAT are the perfect choice for any chore in your home, from washing the dishes to cleaning the bathroom. Conforming to the European EN 1186 standard, they are suitable for use with all types of alcoholic and fatty foods in situations of short term, repeat contact. They feature a tight fit for excellent dexterity, a soft flock lining to absorb perspiration and keep your hands comfortable, and an enhanced grip pattern on the palm for great grip even in wet conditions.

Key Features: Ideal for household cleaning, great grip even in wet conditions, lightweight and dexterous construction, made with soft flock lining that absorbs perspiration


Polyco Maxima Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves 514

Polyco Maxima Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves 514If you're looking for a tougher pair of rubber gloves, the Polyco Maxima Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves 514 will not let you down. Resistant to numerous chemicals as well as mechanical risks, these gloves will protect you in chemical manufacture, use and processing, as well as during general lab work, waste management or recycling. They are designed to be grippy with a special slip resistant design over the palm and fingers, anatomically shaped and fitted with a soft cotton flock lining that absorbs perspiration and reduces hand fatigue.

Key Features: Resistant to chemicals, high abrasion and tear resistance, reusable, ideal for use in wet conditions


Supertouch 23023 PVC Dip Gauntlets - 27cm

Supertouch 23023 PVC Dip GauntletsWhile the gloves mentioned above are made entirely from rubber, these last two are made with cotton interlock liner and dipped with PVC for extra protection against chemical hazards. The Supertouch 23023 PVC Dip Gauntlets are the only pair on this list with maximum abrasion resistance and all-over high resistance against mechanical hazards. They are supplied with a slightly longer cuff that protects your wrists as well as your hands.

Key Features: Maximum levels abrasion resistance, long cuff, made with cotton interlock liner, ideal for use in industrial processing


Capitol II Double-Dipped Rubber Gloves

Capitol II Double-Dipped Rubber GlovesSame as the pair mentioned above, the Capitol II Double-Dipped Rubber Gloves feature a cotton flock lining and are double dipped with PVC to ensure excellent resistance to dilute chemicals, solvents, fats, alkalis and petroleum-related products. The cotton lining absorbs moisture and keeps your hands dry and comfortable, making the gloves ideal for periods of long use, while the slip-resistant palm pattern works well in wet and dry environments.

Key Features: Cotton lining, ideal for long periods of use, useful in dry, wet and oily conditions


Did you have a different kind of rubber glove in mind? We stock a broad range of rubber gloves in various materials and shapes, designed to protect your hands against most chemicals. To view the full range, head over to our Rubber Gloves category.