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Best Low-Linting Gloves

24 April 2018

The task of most gloves is to keep your hands safe from every possible hazard you may come across during the course of your work day. Yet if your job includes handling of fine electronic components, inspection work, or dealing with priceless artifacts that need to be kept in mint condition, you know that sometimes it is the items you are handling that need to stay protected from your hands.

The small traces of materials most ordinary gloves leave behind tend to be harmless when it comes to ordinary work applications, but this is unacceptable when the prevention of product contamination is top priority. What you're looking for are low-linting gloves, and to make your job easier, we've come up with a list of the best Low-Linting Gloves.

Supertouch Anti-Static Gloves 23502

Supertouch Anti-Static Gloves 23502The best place to start is with a pair of very basic nylon gloves. The Supertouch Anti-Static Gloves 23502 are made from 100% nylon and feature a completely lint-free construction that makes them ideal for quality inspection and electronics assembly. The interwoven carbon filament ensures anti-static protection, while the thin, lightweight design makes them suitable to wear even for longer periods.

Key Features: Lint-free design, interwoven carbon filament for anti-static protection, ideal for quality inspection and electronics assembly

Black PU-Coated Precise Handling PCN-B Gloves

Black PU-Coated Precise Handling PCN-B GlovesThe Black PU-Coated Precise Handling PCN-B Gloves take things a step further, with maximum abrasion resistance and great tear resistance. They are constructed from 100% seamless nylon and include a tough polyurethane coating on the palms, which provides excellent grip. These low-linting, resilient, durable work gloves are ideal for all kinds of packing work and handling of various components, where protecting your hands is as important as protecting the items you are handling.

Key Features: Maximum abrasion resistance, 100% seamless nylon, exceptionally durable, good grip, ideal for light and delicate assembly

Supertouch 3022 Fingerless Assembly Gloves with PVC Dotted Palm

Supertouch 3022 Fingerless Assembly Gloves with PVC Dotted PalmWhile their fingerless design makes the Supertouch 3022 Fingerless Assembly Gloves stand our from this bunch, they are just as low-linting as the gloves mentioned above. Moreover, the free fingers ensure optimum sensitivity and dexterity, while the resilient construction provides these gloves with maximum abrasion and tear resistance. To maximise your grip in dry and wet conditions, these low-linting gloves feature blue PVC dots on the palms and backs.

Key Features: Lint-free construction, PVC dots for better grip, excellent fingertip sensitivity, maximum abrasion and tear resistance

While we've done our best to include some of the best possible low-linting gloves, this list of suggestions includes only five products, so it's quite possible you haven't been able to find exactly what you've been looking for. If that's the case, make sure to check out our full range of Low-Linting Gloves.