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Best Hi-Vis Work Gloves

13 April 2018

When you perform manual tasks in a dark or dimly-lit environment, you face an increased risk of injury due to poor visibility. The good news is that you can significantly reduce this likelihood with high-visibility (or hi-vis) gloves from

In order to help you find the best hi-vis gloves for your job, we've compiled this list of our Top Five Hi-Vis Work Gloves. Read on to find a high-visibility glove fit for your work situation.

KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip Gloves

KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip GlovesThe KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Orange Grip Gloves are highly versatile hi-vis gloves that provide excellent grip, protect against both heat and cold, feature a high-visibility colour scheme for increased safety and are suitable for use in both wet and dry environments. Most notably, these gloves offer a unique combination of 250°C heat resistance and level 2 contact cold resistance, making them suitable for an extensive list of applications, including construction, maintenance, engineering and cold store work.

Key Features: Heat resistant up to 250°C, suitable for wet and dry conditions, excellent grip.

If you haven't found what you're looking for in this list, click here to see our full range of Hi-Vis Gloves.