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Best Construction Work Gloves 2022

Monday, 5 April 2021  |  Admin

Cuts, lacerations and bruises are three of the most commonly reported hand injuries in the construction industry, which makes sense considering how much manual work takes place on a construction site and how many different hazards are present. Fortunately, these injuries – as well as chemical burns and fractures – can often be prevented simply by wearing the right work gloves. What's more, using appropriate work gloves will not only protect your construction team from sustaining unnecessary hand injuries, but can actually make site work more efficient!

Construction Work Gloves

The problem is, with so many different gloves on the market today, finding the right pair can be tricky, which is why we've compiled this list of our Best Construction Work Gloves to help you select the right gloves for the job. Read on for our pick of the best general-purpose, chemical-resistant, high-visibility and impact protection gloves available at

Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204

Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204The Supertouch Handler Gloves 6203/6204 are fantastic general-purpose work gloves that provide lightweight, reliable protection for manual handling tasks, such as bricklaying and roofing. The latex-coated palm of the Supertouch Handler Gloves enables good grip for safer and easier handling, while the soft knitted fabric and breathable back ensure that your hands remain comfortable all day long.

Key Features: Latex coated palm for good grip, available in two colours - Green or Orange.

KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Yellow Grip Gloves

KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Yellow Grip GlovesThe KOOLgrip Hi-Vis Yellow Grip Gloves are knitted safety gloves with a crinkle latex coating on the palm. These gloves provide good protection against mechanical risks and enable good grip, making them ideal for manual handling and general construction work. Featuring a thermal lining and high-visibility colour scheme, the KOOLgrip Grip Gloves will also keep your hands warm in cold conditions and improve safety when you work in dim light.

Key Features: High-visibility colour scheme for improved safety in low lighting, and a thermal lining to keep your hands warm in cold conditions.

MaxiChem Hi-Vis Chemical Resistant 56-635 Gauntlets

MaxiChem Hi-Vis Chemical Resistant 56-635 Gauntlets

The MaxiChem Hi-Vis Chemical Resistant 56-635 Gauntlets have been designed to provide protection against mechanical and chemical hazards. Featuring a non-slip finish to promote good grip, a high-visibility colour scheme for increased safety, and a seamless design for reduced hand fatigue, the flexible and comfortable MaxiChem Hi-Vis Gauntlets are true all-rounders that can be used for a broad range of tasks on the construction site.

Key Features: Chemical-resistant with an extra-long cuff for wrist protection, and a non-slip finish that promotes good grip.

Towa Exxoguard Kevlar Impact Protection EG3-351 Gloves

Towa Exxoguard Kevlar Impact Protection EG3-351 GlovesConstructed from a Kevlar and steel liner with a latex-coat palm and reinforced thumb crotch, the Towa Exxoguard Kevlar Impact Protection EG3-351 Gloves provide excellent protection against impact and mechanical risks while remaining lightweight for maximum comfort and dexterity. Offering outstanding resistance to abrasion, cut, tear and puncture, and featuring a high-visibility colour scheme, these gloves are perfect for a wide range of applications in the construction industry.

Key Features: Thermoplastic rubber pads to protect against impact, EN 388:2003 Level 5 Cut Resistance.

Ejendals Tegera 10PG Chemical Resistant PVC Gauntlets

Ejendals Tegera 10PG Chemical Resistant PVC GauntletsWhen working with cement-based products, including concrete and mortar, it's important to wear chemical-resistant gloves to prevent allergic skin reactions and chemical burns. For comfortable protection against chemicals, we recommend the Ejendals Tegera 10PG Chemical Resistant PVC Gauntlets. These robust gauntlet-style gloves shield the hands and forearms against chemical and liquid splash-back, and with good resistance to abrasion and tear, you can be sure that you have reliable protection for chemical and cement handling.

Key Features: Good resistance to chemicals, with a soft interlock fabric lining for enhanced comfort.

Haven't found quite what you're looking for? Head over to our Construction Work Gloves page for more construction and building gloves.