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Best Gloves for Dark Environments

Friday, 4 May 2018

When working in dark or dimly lit environments, wearing work gloves with high visibility can significantly improve safety. Not only do they make hands more visible in low-light situations, but they can also improve performance with enhanced grip and good dexterity. However, with so many high-visibility gloves out there, it can be hard to know which pair is most suitable for the job. To help you find the best pair of high-visibility gloves for your needs, we've compiled this list of our Best Gloves for Dark Environments.

Towa PowerGrab Thermo Thermal Orange 335 Gloves

Towa PowerGrab Thermo Thermal Orange 335 GlovesConstructed with black palms and bright orange backs, the Towa PowerGrab Thermo Thermal Orange 335 Gloves are ideal for working in dark, cold environments where risks of handling dirty objects or materials are present. The thermal lining keeps hands feeling snug and warm during the colder, winter months, while the latex palms improve grip during wet or rainy conditions. As the gloves leach proteins, chemicals, and odours, they help to minimise allergic reaction for all-round protection in dark and dirty working environments.

Key Features: bright orange colour for high visibility; latex coating for gripping in wet conditions; seamless liner for comfort; ergonomic design to reduce hand fatigue; minimises allergic reactions

HexArmor Hex1 2130 Ultimate Impact Protection Gloves

HexArmor Hex1 2130 Ultimate Impact Protection GlovesThe HexArmor Hex1 2130 Ultimate Impact Protection Gloves combine high visibility with impact protection for optimal safety when working in the dark with heavy or cumbersome materials. They are crafted with rubber moulds on the backs for quality protection against impact, while the PVC palm coating on the palms offer superior grip in both wet and dry situations. The Velcro closure ensures a more secure fit, allowing hands to remain safe and protected when conducting heavy lifting or handling in poorly lit environments.

Key Features: bright yellow colour for safety in low-light conditions; rubber moulds on backs of hands for impact protection; superior grip in wet and dry conditions; Velcro cuffs for improved fit

Aurelia Ignite Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves 97887-0

Aurelia Ignite Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves 97887-0While heavy-duty gloves are suitable for some applications, it's often more practical to wear disposable or single-use gloves. This does not have to be done while foregoing high visibility, as showcased by the Aurelia Ignite Disposable Nitrile Examination Gloves 97887-0. These ambidextrous gloves are quick to don and feature a double-sided diamond texture for improved grip. Whether working with janitorial repairs and cleaning or conducting mechanical applications in dark spaces where visibility is essential, the Aurelia Ignite Gloves are ideal for protecting hands without restricting dexterity.

Key Features: single-use gloves for hygiene control and reduced contamination; double-sided diamond grip for improved handling; latex-free gloves to reduce irritation and allergic reaction; durable gloves for reliable protection in darker environments

Ejendals Tegera 293 Hi-Vis Thermal Waterproof Outdoor Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 293 Hi-Vis Thermal Waterproof Outdoor Work GlovesIdeal for working outdoors where neither natural nor artificial lighting is available, the Ejendals Tegera 293 Hi-Vis Thermal Waterproof Outdoor Work Gloves are waterproof, windproof, thermal lined, and constructed in a bright yellow colour for improved visibility. They provide hands with reliable protection in wet and wintry conditions, as well as reducing risks of abrasion, blisters, grazes, and lacerations. They are particularly suited to providing hi-vis protection during work at night or during winter.

Key Features: thermal lined for warmth; waterproof and windproof; reduces risks of abrasions, blisters, scratches, and lacerations; bright orange for added safety at night

HexArmor Penta Armor 1010 Cut Resistant Arm Sleeve

HexArmor Penta Armor 1010 Cut Resistant Arm SleeveWhere risks of cuts are present in darker environments, it's paramount that sufficient hand and arm protection is worn to prevent injury from occurring. The HexArmor Penta Armor 1010 Cut Resistant Arm Sleeve is ideal for pairing with cut-resistant gloves to offer reliable protection against cuts when working in environments with low lighting. The thumb loop and sleeve helps keep the arm guard in place, while the bright green colour improves safety when working in the dark.

Key Features: provides arm protection against cuts; bright green colour for safety in darker environments thumb loop and sleeve clip secures sleeve in place

If not of our picks are quite what you're looking for when it comes to high-visibility work gloves, you can give our Hi-Vis Work Gloves category a browse; with over 100 hi-vis gloves available, you're sure to find the perfect pair for you! Why not drop us a comment below and let us know which ones you've chosen?