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Best Glass Manufacture Gloves

4 April 2018

What are the best glass manufacturing gloves for you? Well, this depends at what stage of the glass manufacturing process you are at. Manufacturing glass can be a long and tricky process that demands protection against all sorts of hazards. In the first stage of glass manufacture, liquid sand is melted down in furnaces that can reach up to 1700°C. This demands outstanding heat protection from your work gloves.

Further along the production line you may be shaping and moulding glass, which will require durable yet highly dexterous gloves. Once the glass has hardened, the final stage involves carrying the glass, something where a high cut risk glove may come in handy. So where do you start? Below we've compiled the best of our glass manufacturing gloves, all available to purchase from our store immediately. 

Ejendals Tegera 8807 Level 5 Cut Resistant Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera Cut Resistant GlovesNext up is the Ejendals Tegera 8807 Level 5 Cut Resistant Work Gloves, which combine dexterity with medium 100°C heat resistance. They are ideal for the manufacture of glass as these gloves offer some of the best mechanical protection around, while also protecting the user against some of the contact heat that may be encountered during glass manufacturing. They also feature unique CRF technology, which ensures safe and secure handling with optimal dexterity, while protecting hands from risks of cuts and scratches. 

Key Features: 100°C heat resistance, all round mechanical protection, CRF technology, dexterity, oil and grease resistant

Marigold Industrial Puretough P3000 3D0 Gloves 

Marigold Glass Manufacturing GlovesSometimes, increased sensitivity will be important, and this can be provided by the Marigold Industrial Puretough P3000 3D0 Gloves. Economical in price, cut resistant and with 100°C contact heat resistance for good measure, these versatile gloves are the perfect choice for carrying out glass manufacturing tasks with an intermediate level of risk. Their open finger design makes them unique among glass manufacturing gloves and ensure that the user has the total dexterity needed during lower risk glass manufacturing applications.

Key Features: Open finger design, 100°C heat resistance, high mechanical protection, outstanding dexterity, excellent grip, economical price

HexArmor SteelLeather IX 5039 Heavy Duty Cut Resistant Gloves

HexArmor Glass Handling GlovesMoving away from the more dexterous and lightweight glass manufacturing gloves, the HexArmor SteelLeather IX 5039 Heavy Duty Cut Resistant Gloves offer some serious, heavy-duty glass protection. Maximum cut protection is guaranteed by a special SuperFabric brand, which ensures outstanding grip, with industrial puncture protection against glass. Ideal for serious, heavy duty glass manufacturing tasks, these gloves guarantee long-lasting cut protection. 

Key Features: Outstanding cut protection, all round mechanical resistance, SuperFabric material, reinforced index finger and thumb saddles, puncture resistant to glass

Polyco Ingot Heatbeater Glass Mitten Safety Gloves 757 

Ingot Heatbeater Glass ProtectionThe Polyco Ingot Heatbeater Glass Mitten Safety Gloves 757 are ideal for providing protection during hot handling. Exceptional 500°C contact heat protection, a glass fabric extended cuff, and excellent resistance to abrasions, cuts, tears and punctures make these Heatbeater Mittens a class apart when it comes to protection against heat. Extra long, these mittens ensure the ultimate in mechanical and heat protection, and should be a number one choice for anyone who is involved in the earlier stages of glass manufacture. 

Key Features: 500°C contact heat resistance, extended glass fabric cuff, cut resistant Kevlar liner,  high durability, long-lasting and durable

Here at, we are aware that finding the correct gloves for you can be difficult. This is why we have compiled this list of glass manufacturing gloves, to help you find the most suitable glove for you. If you can't find what you are looking for here, don't hesitate to check out some of our full ranges of Glass Blowing Gloves, Glass Manufacture Gloves, and Glazing Gloves.