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Best Food Use Gloves 2024

18 January 2024

Food travels a long way before it ends up on your plate. During the entire process, workers can be exposed to heat, chemicals, cold, cuts and abrasion, meaning that a heavy-duty cut-resistant glove can be just as useful as the lightweight, dexterous and disposable glove that is usually associated with food production. At, we have a wide selection of gloves suitable for use with food, but before you make a decision on which glove to buy, it's important to consider where the glove will be used.

Food Use Disposable Glove in Factory

Wearing the correct food glove keeps you and your customer safe

To help you make this decision we've decided to ask our experts and compile this list of Best Food Use Gloves. It covers workwear best suited to use in the factory, in the oven and in the kitchen. There is a wide variety here, but every single one works exceptionally well with food.

Polyco BladeShades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove

Polyco BladeShades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove for Food UseKitchens can be high cut risk environments. In restaurants, workers have to work quickly under high pressure, which exacerbates the risks when working with knives. To provide a solution to this problem, the Polyco BladeShades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove uses state-of-the-art Dyneema technology to provide level 5 cut resistance. Their lightweight and sensitive design ensures that the user can use the knife quickly, but safely. Finally, the gloves come lint free to reduce the risk of product contamination.

Key Features: Dyneema technology provides level 5 cut resistance; offers impressive dexterity; lightweight design ideal for tactile use; low linting to reduce contamination risk; highly sensitive.

Ansell ProFood 78-110 Thermostat Knitted Thermal Gloves

Ansell ProFood Thermostat Knitted Thermal Gloves for Food UseCommon during the food manufacturing process is the high risk of temperature. Ovens, boiling liquids and freezers pose a danger to the worker, and thermal, food safe, high dexterity gloves can be hard to come by. Thankfully, we have the Ansell ProFood 78-110 Thermostat Knitted Thermal Gloveswhich use special hollow-core fibres to provide excellent thermal insulation. Highly versatile, the gloves provide 100°C contact heat protection and -100°C temperature protection, making them ideal for oven use, cold store use and freezer use. Lastly, their high dexterity and sensitivity and strong mechanical protection make them suitable for use with mechanical equipment found in food based factories.

Key Features: Provides 100°C contact heat protection and -100°C temperature protection; highly lightweight design; Spandex and Thermolite fibres provide mechanical protection.

Ansell VersaTouch 37-501 Open-Cuff Nitrile Gauntlets

Ansell Versatouch Open-Cuff Gauntlets for Food UseOffering superb performance when used with large quantities of food, the Ansell VersaTouch 37-501 Open-Cuff Nitrile Gauntlets use a nitrile coat to ensure exceptional protection in harsh conditions. Ideal for use in factories and food processing plants, the gauntlets are designed to protect against any chemicals that the worker may come into contact with at the plant. High abrasion resistance means the gauntlets are highly durable, while their diamond pattern enhances grip in slippery environments. Finally, their cotton flocked inner liner keeps hands comfortable, making them ideal for extended use.

Key Features: Diamond grip pattern enhances grip in slippery conditions; features a nitrile coating that offers mechanical protection; ideal for use in factories or food processing plants; cotton flocked liner provides comfort.

Aurelia Robust 9.0 Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves 96895-9

Aurelia Robust Medical Grade Nitrile Disposable Gloves for Food UseThe last thing you want when handling food is a torn glove. Disposable gloves aren't known for their strength, hence why they come in box quantities. However, the Aurelia Robust 9.0 Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves 96895-9 are different. Under tests, the 5mm nitrile coating withstood up to nine newtons of force, and are so strong that they can be worn multiple times. With a beaded cuff to prevent roll back and a comfortable and snug fit, these gloves are known for their usefulness and reliability. These are gloves to be used with confidence, ideal for handling food.

Key Features: Thin 5mm nitrile construction offers exceptional tensile strength; comfortable and snug fit; highly dexterous design; finger texture enhances grip.

We understand finding the right food glove can be difficult, which is why we compiled this list. If you're still struggling, check out one of our tailored categories, where you can find the glove catered to you.

Lastly, if you would like some advice, don't hesitate to call 020 7501 0597 or leave a comment below, where one of our experts will be delighted to help.