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Best Cut Resistant Gloves

27 April 2018

Cuts are one of the biggest hazards in industry, and it doesn't matter where you work, choosing the correct equipment to protect from cuts should be a high priority task. Cuts can range from small flesh wounds, to potentially life threatening incidents, so before selection, its vital you understand the difference between different cut resistant gloves and take your time in selecting the right cut resistant glove for you.

Most of our workwear here at Work Gloves boasts excellent cut resistance, but a heavy-duty, thick, rubber glove won't do you much good if you're working with knives. So we've decided to compile a list and select our Best Cut Resistant Gloves for you. They have a wide variety of uses that range from chemicals to food, but we guarantee that they offer exceptional cut resistance.

Ejendals Tegera 455 Palm Coated Fine Assembly Gloves

Ejendals Cut Resistant GlovesIf you're looking for all-round, dexterous, versatile work gloves that also provide Level 5 cut resistance, then the Ejendals Tegera 455 Palm Coated Fine Assembly Gloves have it all. Designed with special CRF technology, these gloves are specifically developed to produce a high dexterity and cut resistance combination. They have outstanding mechanical protection, that ensures protection from not just cuts but abrasion, tears and punctures too, making them suitable in industries that range from assembly and construction, to sanitation and transport. 

Key Features: Level 5 cut resistance, PU palm coating, breathable design, ergonomic design for comfort, oil and water resistant, 6 sizes available

Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves 7564

Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Cut Resistant GlovesMany industries that demand high cut protection also demand rigorous heat protection too. Glass manufacturing, engineering, fabrications and plastics are all applications that involve incredible amounts of heat combined with sharp materials. The Polyco Volcano Heavyweight Kevlar Heat Resistant Gloves 7564 combine level 5 cut resistance with 15 second contact heat protection of up to 350°C. This is in conjunction with exceptional dexterity, making sure that in those high risk moments with sharp materials and searing heat, you remain in total control. 

Key Features: Level 5 cut resistance, 350°C contact heat resistance, flexibility, Kevlar fibre, extra long option, strong abrasion and tear resistance

Polyco BladeShades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove

Polyco BladeShades Food and Cut GlovesChefs, waiters, caterers, fishermen and more, all understand that with food, comes certain risks. Choosing the correct glove is crucial as preventing cross contamination is just as important is protecting against heat and knives. The best food and cut resistant glove that money can buy, is the Polyco BladeShades Seamless Knitted Cut Resistant Glove, which comes in a wide range of colours to prevent cross contamination. Dyneema technology provides level 5 cut resistance, while its lightweight and flexible design makes its outstanding during tactile, high risk applications with sharp objects such as knives.

Key Features: Level 5 cut resistance, many colours to prevent cross-contamination, Dyneema technology provides flexibility, high sensitivity, soft and comfortable

Ejendals Tegera 132A Cut Resistant Welding Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 132A Welding Cut Resistant GlovesFor heavy-duty highly industrial applications such as welding, choosing the correct glove is vital. The Ejendals Tegera 132A Cut Resistant Welding Gloves feature a leather and Kevlar construction that achieves superb levels of heat and cut resistance. Furthermore, their heavy duty design offers excellent mechanical protection, while an extra long cuff provides extra safety to the wrist.

Key Features: Level 4 cut resistance, Kevlar construction provides 100°C heat protection, ideal for welding applications, cowskin leather on palm

HexArmor Chrome Series 4023 360 Cut Resistant Gloves

HexArmor Chrome Series 4023 360 Degree Cut Resistant GlovesFor high risk and heavy going tasks, the HexArmor Chrome Series 4023 Cut Resistant Gloves provide complete 360 degree cut protection across all corners of the gloves. Unlike most gloves which just provide protection on the palm, the full cut resistant casting ensures that full protection is awarded to your entire hands. The gloves also offer good oil resistance, high grip and impressive dexterity, making them a highly versatile pair of cut resistant gloves.

Key Features: Level 4 cut resistance, provides cut protection across the entire hands, high grip for most handling tasks.

Here at, we understand that finding the correct cut resistant glove can be tiresome. There are hundreds available, each with different capabilities, different designs, and are suitable for different industries. That's why we compiled this list, to help you cut through the high numbers of gloves and find the one that perfect for you. But, if you can't find the glove that's right for you here, please check out our wide range of Cut Resistant Work Gloves, where we have neatly presented all our gloves for your disposal.