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Best Chainsaw Gloves 2024

3 October 2023  |  Sharman

Chainsaws are an essential part of industries like forestry, lumber and landscaping, but they're also incredibly dangerous. Chainsaw gloves give you a safe, secure grip to help prevent accidents and are designed to jam chainsaw blades in case an accident does happen. The gloves in our Best Chainsaw Gloves 2024 guide are graded against EN 361, the European safety standard for protection from chainsaws, to give you peace of mind while you work.

Tree surgeons and arborists work all year round and it's important to get the right type of chainsaw gloves for the weather, or risk leaving your hands exposed or uncomfortable. From waterproof, to high-vis, thermal and more, we have the chainsaw gloves for you.

What Does This Guide Cover?

Best Overall Chainsaw Gloves

Cutter Leather Classic Chainsaw Waterproof CW400 Gloves

Cutter Leather Classic Chainsaw Waterproof CW400 Gloves

  • Double stitched in some areas for added durability
  • Made from leather for added flexibility
  • Designed for use in wet conditions
  • Price shown is per pair of gloves
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Customer Verdict: "As a professional gardener I have tried many different gloves over the years and I can honestly say these have been the best yet! Tough yet supple so nothing penetrates them but you don't lose feeling through them with the added bonus they're waterproof! Superb for hedge cutting, chainsaw work, pruning etc. I will not be wasting money on inferior gloves just buying these ones going forward!" ★★★★★ Paul

Editor's Verdict: Made from natural, cow-hide leather, reinforced with double-stitching, the Cutter CW400 Chainsaw Gloves are seriously durable. The left glove features 14 layers of cut-resistant material, while the right glove is less padded. This is because the right hand, as the hand holding the back handle of the chainsaw will be at much less risk. This model of Cutter Chainsaw Gloves is also waterproof, perfect for wet and dirty conditions. With elastic, knit wrists, they offer a snug and secure fit, too. 

Best Winter Chainsaw Gloves 

Cutter Professional Thermal Chainsaw CW500 Gloves

Cutter Professional Thermal Chainsaw CW500 Gloves

  • Thermal lined chainsaw gloves for agricultural and tree surgery
  • 14 layers of padding work to jam the belt in the event of contact
  • Made with spandex for added comfort and flexibility
  • Ideal for handling chainsaws each day
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Editor's Verdict: These Cutter Professional Thermal Chainsaw CW500 Gloves offer a similar level of protection to the CW400 gloves, but with added warmth, perfect for winter work. The Amara synthetic leather combined with a thermal lining prevent cold air getting in, while trapping heat. They're also reinforced with PVC patches for resistance to scratches and scrapes, protecting your hands and extending the use life of the gloves. Featuring padded, stretchy spandex inside the gloves, they aren't too rigid despite their high level of protection, either.     ​

Best Summer Chainsaw Gloves

Cutter CW600 Professional Summer Chainsaw Gloves

Cutter CW600 Professional Summer Chainsaw Gloves

  • Pair of chainsaw resistant work safety gloves
  • Essential for tree surgeons and landscapers operating a chainsaw
  • Fabric jams the saw in the event of contact with the belt
  • Summer specific design is highly breathable
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Customer Verdict: "I bought the gloves because I use electric tools that are capable of inflicting quite serious injury... I have had a couple of injuries which could have been more serious ... I have tried a few types of glove without finding one which gave complete confidence ... this glove is different, it fits well and I keep it for using the tools" ★★★★★ Dave

Editor's Verdict: The previous gloves we've highlighted have been designed for rain and cold, but the Cutter CW600 Professional Summer Chainsaw Gloves are, as their name suggests, made for working in warm weather. They're still graded for chainsaw use, but offer a lighter level of protection from punctures to save on bulk. The cuffs are also much shorter, extending just below the wrist for a cooler feel and greater range of movement. 

Best Hi-Vis Chainsaw Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 951 Chainsaw Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 951 Chainsaw Gloves

  • Made from real leather for durability and protection
  • Supplied in a yellow hi-viz design for better safety
  • Designed for use in harsh environments
  • Price shown is per pair of gloves
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Editor's Verdict: When you're working near roads or in low light conditions, being seen is vital, especially when you're using a chainsaw or electric trimmer.The Ejendals 951 Chainsaw Gloves are supplied in a bright yellow high-vis that's hard to miss. Combining leather, polyester and Dyneema, along with a reinforced index finger and fingertips, they're also incredibly tough, for reliable chainsaw resistance. The liner is also flexible and the fingers pre-curved for a comfortable fit and easier chainsaw operation.   

How Do Chainsaw Gloves Work?

All chainsaw protection ultimately works by jamming up the chainsaw mechanism and preventing it from running. Chainsaw gloves utilise special fibres that are drawn out when snagged and wrap around the chainsaw's sprocket, locking it up and preventing serious injury. All chainsaw gloves must meet the EN 381 standard, which tests this capability. Please see the video below for a practical demonstration of chainsaw protection in gloves.

Off the Chain Gloves!

We've highlighted some of our bestselling chainsaw gloves, loved by our customers and sure to help you get the job done safely. But, if you haven't found the pair for you yet, why not have a look at our full range of Chainsaw Gloves!

Have any questions about our chainsaw gloves, or just something to add? Let us know in the comments below!