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Best Automotive Work Gloves

Thursday, 29 March 2018  |  Admin

While automotive work encompasses a diverse range of tasks, you're likely to need gloves that provide protection against lacerations and small cuts, grease and oil, and possibly chemicals, while still allowing a high level of dexterity and tactile sensitivity for component handling and precision tasks. With so many gloves on the market today, finding the right pair can quickly become overwhelming, which is why we're here to help.

Automotive Work Gloves for Repairs, Maintenance and Assembly

Whether you're looking for disposable gloves, chemical-resistant gloves or insulated work gloves, you'll hopefully find the ideal pair of Automotive Work Gloves for the job at hand with our list of the best Automotive Work Gloves below.

Black Mamba Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Black Mamba Disposable Nitrile GlovesWhen it comes to disposable gloves for automotive work, you need durable, chemical-resistant gloves that provide good grip and enable dexterity and tactile sensitivity. We recommend the Black Mamba Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves, made with Black Mamba's patented NITREX polymer for exceptional strength and tear-resistance. These extra-strong nitrile gloves not only provide superior puncture and tear resistance to similar latex or vinyl gloves, but also offer up to three times the chemical resistance. Featuring a Black Mamba Grip Rite finish, these gloves enable you to handle tools and components with safety and ease.

Key Features: Three-times the resistance to chemicals, puncture and tear offered by disposable latex or vinyl gloves.

Polyco Matrix Mechanics Work Gloves MAT-M3

Polyco Matrix Mechanics Work Gloves MAT-M3Designed specifically for precision tasks, the Polyco Matrix Mechanics Work Gloves MAT-M3 have an ergonomic design with three open fingertips to aid dexterity. These synthetic leather and spandex gloves offer good resistance to abrasion and tear, while still maintaining flexibility for maximum control and comfort. A reinforced palm pad further promotes good grip for safer and easier handling, while neoprene on the knuckles ensures that this vulnerable area is shielded from harm.

Key Features: Three open fingertips for greater dexterity and reinforced palm grip pad that promotes easier, safer handling.

Shield GI/R603 PVC-Coated Rubber Industrial Gloves

Shield GI R603 PVC-Coated-Rubber Industrial GlovesFor high-risk tasks that involve work with chemicals, you need reliable chemical-resistant gloves. Protect your hands and forearms with the Shield GI/R603 PVC-Coated Rubber Industrial Gloves. These abrasion and tear resistant PVC-coated gauntlets are ideal for general automotive jobs that involve oil or grease. Thanks to a smooth finish and ergonomic shape, these gloves enable tactile sensitivity and reduce hand fatigue, while a cotton flock lining reduces perspiration to keep your hands cool and dry.

Key Features: Long cuffs that protect your arms against hazards, an ergonomic shape that reduces hand fatigue and a cotton flock lining that reduces hand perspiration.

Polyco Matrix Nitrile Grip Work Gloves

Polyco Matrix Nitrile Grip Work GlovesFor precision tasks, try the Polyco Matrix Nitrile Grip Work Gloves. These nitrile-coated gloves are suitable for oily and greasy applications, and their tight fit and good grip are ideal for manual tasks that require maximum dexterity. A seamless liner makes these gloves comfortable to wear, while an elasticated knitwrist ensure that dust, debris, chemicals and other harmful substances don't get inside the gloves or onto your skin. What's more, these gloves are completely latex free, making them suitable for individuals with sensitive skin or latex allergy.

Key Features: Resilient nitrile coating provides excellent resistance to abrasion, tear and scratch, while a snug fit and elasticated knitwrist ensure maximum dexterity.

Ejendals Tegera 917 Insulated Precision Work Gloves

Ejendals Tegera 917 Insulated Precision Work GlovesFor cold weather work, it's a good idea to have insulated gloves. The Ejendals Tegera 917 Insulated Precision Work Gloves will keep your hands warm and protected without sacrificing flexibility or dexterity – making them perfect for various automotive tasks. These fleece-lined genuine goatskin leather gloves are suitable for low-risk applications and offer excellent fingertip sensitivity for fine handling tasks and light work. These gloves will not only keep out the chill, but also prevent blisters, grazes, scratches and lacerations, as well as shield your hands against contact cold.

Key Features: Fleece lining for warmth, durable real leather outer for mechanical protection.

Haven't found quite what you're looking for? Why not browse our full range of Automotive Work Gloves?