ATG MaxiFlex 34-8443 Touchscreen Warehouse Gloves

ATG MaxiFlex 34-8443 Touchscreen Warehouse Gloves

  • Pair of work gloves for warehouses and stockrooms
  • 25% lighter than similar nitrile coated gloves on the market
  • Maximum level 4 abrasion resistance rating guards against injury
  • Touchscreen interactive fingertips for smartphone and tablet use
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In stock now

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Brand:  ATG Gloves
Standard:  EN 388

ATG Gloves

ATG MaxiFlex 34-8443 Touchscreen Warehouse Gloves

ATG MaxiFlex 34-8443 Touchscreen Warehouse Gloves are designed for fast-paced warehouses, factories, and storerooms where interaction with tablets, scanner screens and smartphones is constant. Equipped with the maximum abrasion-resistance rating available under EN 388, MaxiFlex 34-8443 Touchscreen Gloves guard against scuffs and scratches, all whilst being 25% lighter than alternative options on the market.

What's Included?

  • 1 x Pair of Safety Gloves

Key Information

  • Glove Code: 
    • 34-8443
  • EN 388: 4331B
  • Sizes Available: Sizes 7 - 10
  • Sold as a Pair

Protection Ratings for MaxiFlex Lightweight Touchscreen Gloves

EN 388: Mechanical Resistance

  • EN 388: 4331B

EN 388 is a European regulation governing the sale of gloves used for safety and protection. It determines the gloves' performance when used for protection against mechanical machinery by measuring the fabric's abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance.

The EN 388 cut resistance test uses a single sharp implement to repeatedly pressure a glove in order to determine the amount of force required to cause visible and functional damage.

Standard Resistance Rating
Abrasion Resistance Level 4
Cut Resistance Level 3
Tear Resistance Level 3
Puncture Resistance Level 1
ISO Cut Resistance Level B

Suitable Applications and Environments for ATG Touchscreen Gloves

Please view the list below to see which professions, environments and applications suit ATG Touchscreen Work Safety Gloves the best:

  • Assembly
  • Builders
  • Cargo Handling
  • Construction
  • DIY
  • Machine Operation
  • Maintenance
  • Roofing
  • Packaging
  • Picking
  • Scaffolding
  • Touchscreen Application
  • Warehouse
  • Woodworking

Key Features and Attributes

  • Touchscreen functionality with smartphones, human machine interfaces and tablets
  • 25% lighter than other nitrile coated safety gloves on the market
  • Unparalleled slender design greatly bolsters grip and precision handling
  • Complete EN 388 protection against abrasions, cuts, punctures and tearing
  • Maximum level 4 abrasion resistance is the highest available
  • Total breathability allows the natural exit of odour and sweat
  • DMF chemical free design is perfect for those with dermatological conditions
  • Ultra-lightweight foundation fabric allows natural accuracy and dexterity to shine
  • Available in four different sizes for a guaranteed perfect fit

Which Size MaxiFlex Touchscreen Gloves Are Right for Me?

To find your perfect size, simply measure the circumference of your palm (ignoring the thumb area) and the length of your hand as indicated in the image below. Once you have your measurements, please consult the sizing chart below to find the correct size for your hand.

How to measure your hand

Size Palm Circumference Hand Length
Size 7 (Small) 178mm 171mm
Size 8 (Medium) 203mm 182mm
Size 9 (Large) 229mm 192mm
Size 10 (Extra Large) 254mm 204mm

Seamless Touchscreen Functionality

As the world moves online, it's vital that the industry moves with it. Whether you're ordering parts and equipment online, scrolling through plans on your tablet or taking client photographs on your smartphone, do so with your gloves on. No more faffing around and pulling your finger out. Scroll and swipe to your heart's content.

Protective Knit Wrist Cuff

A good quality knit cuff serves a number of different purposes. Firstly, it works to keep the glove in place, preventing slippage at the fingers when material is being held, moved or carried. Secondly, a cuff prevents dirt and debris from entering the glove and causing irritation.

DMF Chemical-Free Design

Dimethylformamide, or DMF for short is commonly used in the manufacturing of plastic and synthetic based gloves. Unfortunately, it regularly causes irritation and aggravation in users with skin conditions and irritation prone skin. ATG MaxiFlex Gloves are DMF-free, making them ideal for individuals with dermatological conditions. 

MaxiFlex Gloves are OEKO-Tex certified
Certified by OEKO-TEX, MaxiFlex Gloves are incredibly skin-friendly

Lightweight and Flexible Construction

If you work in handling or shipping and prefer a lightweight pair of safety gloves, the MaxiFlex range are ideal. ATG 34-8443 Safety Gloves reduce the amount of material required to protect your hands, leaving space for the natural dexterity, accuracy and precision required in cargo handling professions to shine through.

Durable Reinforced Thumb Crotch

When you form a fist or flex your hand, the fabric that makes up your glove is put under immense pressure. A reinforced thumb crotch prevents rips, tears and breakage in an inherently vulnerable area of the glove, prolonging the shelf life of your gloves.

What Are the Benefits of a Foam Nitrile Coating?

Foam nitrile is an incredibly durable and porous coating. It is unparalleled when working around liquids as it works to absorb and suck up water and oil, preventing slips and drops.

Foamed nitrile behaves like a sponge, creating a suction cup effect which leaves the user able to grip tightly onto whatever it is they're lifting. It's also three times more puncture resistant than rubber, making it excellent for handling low to medium risk material.

360° of Breathability

Fed up of red-raw, irritated and smelly hands at the end of your workday? If your gloves cause irritation or sweat build-up, chances are your gloves aren't providing proper breathability. MaxiFlex Touchscreen Gloves are made with 100% breathable fabric designed to allow  air, odour and perspiration to exit naturally throughout the day.

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