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Gloves for People with Latex Allergies

Tuesday, 24 April 2018  |  Admin

Latex allergies became increasingly common in the 1980s and 1990s, and today approximately one percent of the UK population is said to be suffering from a latex allergy or intolerance. While symptoms of Type IV latex allergy include itchy rashes, Type I is associated with swelling, difficulty breathing, asthma, nausea and other symptoms that can potentially be even life threatening.

Latex Allergy

If you are part of the one percent suffering from a latex allergy, you know the best way to stay safe is to avoid products made with latex altogether. Unfortunately, disposable gloves are one of the items most often associated with an allergic reaction, so it is especially important to always double-check if they are truly latex-free. Here at we've already done our share of research, so we can safely advise which pair of Latex-Free Gloves is the best choice if you are trying to steer clear of latex in all forms.

Readigloves Vinoguard Premium Disposable Vinyl Gloves

Readigloves Vinoguard Premium Disposable Vinyl GlovesWith a heavier gauge PVC construction for excellent durability, the Readigloves Vinoguard Premium Disposable Vinyl Gloves are suitable for low-risk applications that don't require high levels of sensitivity, comfort or protection, such as routine patient care, hygiene and food handling. Their smooth finish is ideal for handling of frail skin or hair, which, combined with their powder-free and latex-free construction, makes them perfect for work with people with allergies, sensitive or irritated skin.

Key Features: Heavier gauge, extremely durable, smooth finish, ideal for care home work and routine patient care

Black Mamba Torque Grip Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves

Black Mamba Torque Grip Tough Disposable Nitrile GlovesIf you think all powder-free disposable gloves are pretty much the same, you haven't yet seen the Black Mamba Torque Grip Tough Disposable Nitrile Gloves. With their ultra-touch construction and a unique torque pattern over the entire hand area, these gloves offer superb grip at all times, making them perfect for automotive assembly and mechanical work. Made entirely from nitrile and free from powder, these disposable gloves are suitable for use by anyone with allergies, latex intolerance or simply sensitive skin.

Key Features: Extra-strong construction, raised torque grip pattern, ideal for automotive, plumbing and maintenance work, attractive black design

We realise that latex allergies are a very serious problem, and finding the right pair of latex-free gloves is of utmost importance to your overall health, comfort and productivity. This list of latex-free gloves includes only five pairs, so if you haven't found quite what you've had in mind, please visit our full range of Latex-Free Gloves are choose from hundreds of other allergy-friendly gloves.